15 Tips to Take Care of Your Hand Skin

hand skin

Taking care of your hand skin is important for your health and appearance. Here are some tips that I found from different sources: The Bottom Line Keeping your hand skin moisturized and healthy is super important. Not only it helps your skin, but also any manicure treatment you receive. We hope you have found this … Read more

What is Bio Gel Polish?

bio gel polish

You might have seen bio gel, acrylic, dip powder, and polygel to name a few on a menu of a salon. And you may wonder, what is a bio gel nail set? In today’s article, we will break this topic down so you can rest assured that a bio gel polish set is what you … Read more

How to do a Foot Massage?

foot massage

After a day of walking too much, standing for a long time, your feet will become tired and sore. Rest to restore strength to the feet is an extremely important factor. Foot massage will help you reduce stress, increase blood circulation, relax completely, reduce the shrinkage of toes, foot joints, knees… If massaged with essential … Read more

5 Tips to Protect Your Hand Skin and Nails

Our hands are exposed to many external factors every day. Under the influence of many different factors, if not cared for , hands will become victims of skin aging. If not protected, the skin of the hands will age faster than the skin of the face, becoming dark, wrinkled and hard. With those hands you … Read more

7 Popular Eyelash Extension Designs 2024

In this blog, Mimi Nails is going serve you with a list of 7 most popular types of eyelash extension that you should know in 2024. 1. Volume eyelash extensions This method requires specialized eyelash extensions salons with modern equipment, volume eyelash extensions use 3D or 4D fan technology to create a glossy blackness and … Read more

Why a Pedicure is important?

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. Pedicures are usually done for health & look. They are now very popular throughout the world. There are also many nail salon offering pedicure in St Catharines. What does pedicure service include? A pedicure is a treatment performed for cosmetic … Read more

How to Create Your Own Toenail Design?

design toenail at home

Toenail painting is a popular beauty treatment for many women, every time girls have a special occasion, they often go to nail salons to paint their nails and toenails. However, some of you who are highly skilled or skillful can still paint your toenails at home. Here Mimi Nails will show you how to draw … Read more

Top 9 At-Home Nail Care Tips You Must Know

Top 9 At-Home Nail Care Tips You Must Know If you don’t have time to go to a nail salon doing a manicure or pedicure, you can still take care of your nail by yourself! However, Mimi Nails recommends you visit a certified nail salon with decent experience to take care of your nails. Here … Read more