Why a Pedicure is important?

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. Pedicures are usually done for health & look. They are now very popular throughout the world.

There are also many nail salon offering pedicure in St Catharines.

What does pedicure service include?

A pedicure is a treatment performed for cosmetic as well as medical purposes on the feet and nails.

When talk about pedicure, many people think it is only about polishing toenails. However, that is just a half of the story. Toenails will be trimmed and shaped, in some cases, we need to even remove the in-side-out nail that is causing pain to customers’ toe’ tips.

A standard pedicure process must include dead skin cells removal, which is rubbed off the bottom of the feet using a specialized stone. Also, feet massage and exfoliation are necessary to soften and smoothen your skin.

After nails are trimmed and shaped, dead skin is softened and removed by use of an exfoliating stone, and cuticles are pushed back with a steel instrument. The feet are soaked in warm water to which various kinds of oil may be added. Exfoliation can also be done using an electric foot file or pumice stone. Various creams, lotions, gels, and perfumes are used after pedicuring.

Pedicure are MiMi Nails

Mimi Nails’ Pedicure is a fun and relaxing service that helps you get smooth soft skin. We clean your feet skin then trim too long toe nail with professional tools.

Our process include calluses and dead skin removal to enhance the health and beauty of your feet. Our pedicure treatments help to alleviate various foot ailments such as cracked heels and nail fungi.
Specifically, as you come to our nail salon we will service you with the following steps:

  1. Pedicure type determination: this will be done by our nail technicians. We will advise the level as well as the type of pedicure you would need to best benefit you.
  2. Length & shape: This is more of your type, if you are an active or sporty person, we would recommend keeping your nails short as they will help you move comfortably. If you are an office worker, or a person that is not engaged in rough physical activities, you would want to have your toe nail look fancy!
  3. Cuticle cut: This helps your toe nails look cleaner and also highlight the polish on them which is applied after this step.
  4. Cha chan/Massage: We use warm water with soft towel to steam your dead skin for easy removal. After this step, your feet and toe nails are very clean, soft, and flawless!
  5. Polish/Finish: The finishing step is to make your toe nails look shinning, we will apply polish, moisturizer to have you ready to “shine”.

We will massage and refresh your tired and aching feet plus we apply polish for amazing looking toenails. So make sure you pamper your feet with our relaxing pedicure service.

At Mimi Nails, our whirlpool pedicure chairs are available for men and women, providing ultimate relaxation with zero stress. Relax in our warm foot bath tubs, which come in a few different sizes; sit back & relax with your favorite magazine or bring your work with you on your tablet. We also provide Paraffin Wax Treatment that helps with relieving pain in feet/legs.


If you want your feet to look and feel their best, you want a Perfect Pedicure treatment. But tread carefully: Few spas provide one. The reason: quality and consistency are extremely difficult to achieve. It takes the foot care skills and advanced technology of pedicurists.

Whether you call them a pedicure or a foot scrub, this treatment is an indulgent ritual for keeping feet at their best. If you want to take care of your nails at home, no problem! Here are tips for home-care nail that you can follow!