7 Popular Eyelash Extension Designs 2024

In this blog, Mimi Nails is going serve you with a list of 7 most popular types of eyelash extension that you should know in 2024.

types of eyelashes

1. Volume eyelash extensions

This method requires specialized eyelash extensions salons with modern equipment, volume eyelash extensions use 3D or 4D fan technology to create a glossy blackness and certain thickness for the eyelashes.

Volume eyelash extensions are connected in beams of three, four, or five lashes to create a real lash, using ultra-thin (thinner than even a lash).

Thereby, this type of eyelash extension is chosen by girls who love personality and like to stand out because it makes eyes bigger and rounder, eyelashes thicker and darker.

Cons: Only can be done on strong enough eyelashes.

2. Hybrid

Sparkling eyes, seductive lashes make eyelash extensions search and create the hybrid method. Considered the darling of two methods of eyelash extensions Volume and Classic eyelash extensions, the eyelashes are thick but not too thick to make the eyelids heavy.

This style of eyelashes alternating between thick lashes with natural thin beams will create a gentle, luxurious combination.

3. Classic

This is the type of eyelash extension that most women love and appreciate. With the difficulty of this connection, it requires a highly skilled worker because each false eyelash must be connected to the real one, the eyelashes used in this method have a thickness of 0.1 mm to 0.25 mm, the number of lashes is usually counted between 120 and 200 fibers for the whole eye. Thereby, the Classic method preserves the natural strength of the real eyelashes.

Advantages: more curved lashes, thick but not too heavy on the eyes, gentle style, especially suitable for those who have weak, not strong eyelashes, the time to perform and complete this set of eyelashes is 45 minutes for a pair of eyes.

4. One by one

This method is the technology of joining each false eyelash to each real eyelash. With the trend originated from Korea, Japan, and east Asia. This type of extension is popular and most prominent among eyelash extensions. False eyelashes used in this method are light, about 0.1 mm to 0.25 mm thin, imported from Korea.

Using a type of eyelashes with a soft, smooth substance very similar to real eyelashes, without clumps, discomfort or any signs of eye irritation after connecting, eyelashes are used absolutely without any blemishes (such as sticky glue). , eyelashes stick,…)

5. The Luxe

This is the most complicated type of eyelash extension of the methods, angel eyelashes need ingenuity, meticulousness, and very high experience.

Why is this method so difficult? Because it is mandatory for the worker to connect two false eyelashes to one real eyelash, not only that, but the other two eyelashes must cross to form a V shape.

When joining, eyelashes need to have a compatible and moderate thickness, neither too thin nor too thick. At the same time with high difficulty, the time to wait for the eyelashes to complete is also similar, with this type of eyelashes you have to spend a lot of time stitching the eyelashes.

But in return, angel eyelash extensions can last for more than two months.

6. L-shaped Eyelashes

As the name implies, this thick black rose eyelash extension must ensure a super thick, long curl and much darker than other eyelash extensions. Using different ways of alternating long and short will create personality eyes, more prominent in the crowd.

But this set of eyelashes is only suitable if you already have a hobby of taking photos, going to night parties, attending large parties, being a model, an actor.

Owning these eyelashes, you will be very prominent by thick, curved eyelashes.

7. “Wet” Eyelashes

If you are looking for a type of eyelash extension that brings pure and innocent beauty, you definitely cannot ignore the wet eyelash extension style.

The difference between the distance and the number of lashes per fan is what causes the wet eye effect.

This style is inspired by Classic design, because of the thin, soft, and young look of it.

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